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National Frozen Drink Day


Los Angeles

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Our recent partnership with Factory 360 for National Frozen Drink Day was an extraordinary showcase of creativity and craftsmanship. As experts in scenic fabrication, we had the honor of bringing a vibrant and immersive fiesta to life.

Picture this: Freeze Shacks, bar back walls, and Tattoo station walls, all ingeniously crafted from custom pallets, setting the stage for a sustainable celebration like no other. The scene came alive with our captivating stage banners and larger-than-life graphics, injecting a burst of color and excitement into the event.

Raising the bar even higher, we designed a robust truss structure with intertube shading, combining functionality and aesthetics for an ultimate experience. Every element, meticulously curated to enhance the guest's journey, leaving a lasting impression.

At the heart of this project, Factory 360's vision and our passion for innovative design merged seamlessly, resulting in an unforgettable flavor fiesta. Join us on this thrilling ride as we push the boundaries of experiential design, one delicious event at a time.

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