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The Creator

Project type

Immersive Environement


October 2023


Hollywood, CA

In partnership with Experiential Supply Co., our team at Object Cosntruction embarked on an exciting project to create an immersive environment for the movie "The Creator." The objective was clear: transport guests into the movie's universe, providing a tangible experience of its unique world.

The journey began with an in-depth design phase, where we conceptualized the ambiance and structures that would encapsulate the essence of "The Creator." These designs served as the roadmap for the fabrication stage that followed.

Given the transient nature of the event, cost-effectiveness was a priority. We opted for budget-friendly materials like plywood and foam which were skillfully transformed with a spray concrete finish and a scenic paint application, achieving a realistic and engaging aesthetic.

Time was a critical factor in this project, with a narrow window to move from design to reality. Utilizing our 5-axis CNC machine and hot wire sculpting machine, we expedited the fabrication process, ensuring each component was accurately crafted and ready for assembly.

Despite the time constraints, the project was a triumph, demonstrating our ability to deliver high-quality, captivating environments swiftly and efficiently. The immersive setting we crafted not only resonated with the narrative of "The Creator" but provided guests with a memorable experiential journey into the movie's world.

This project underscored our capability to blend creativity, precision, and timely execution, further establishing our position as a reliable and adept partner in the scenic fabrication industry.

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