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Behind the Scenes Experiential Marketing: Crafting The Meg 2's Epic Step and Repeat Moment

Brand Activation Experiential

The Inspiration and Concept:

Our creative journey began with inspiration drawn from the movie poster itself. We aimed to immerse guests in the awe-inspiring size and scale of the Megalodon, as if they were experiencing the heart-pounding moment of being "eaten alive" by the monstrous shark.

Custom Experiential Marketing Process:

The fabrication of the magnificent Megalodon involved meticulous craftsmanship and skill. We utilized EPS foam, which sculptors spent days shaping into the shark's awe-inspiring figure. With each stroke, the menacing creature began to take shape. A final touch of hard coat and a creative hand from scenic painters brought the shark to life, capturing every

Brand Activation Experiential Shark being Painted

menacing detail. Additionally, we created custom skirting around the installation, resembling crashing waves, achieved through innovative graphics and spray foam techniques.

Overcoming Challenges:

With a tight schedule of just 7 days for completion, our dedicated team faced the challenge head-on. Working tirelessly, every member of our crew united to ensure the project met its deadline with precision and creativity.

Aligning with Warner Brothers' Vision:

To perfectly align with Warner Brothers' branding and promotional objectives, we worked hand-in-hand with the client throughout the entire process. Regular updates, build drawings, pictures, and paint samples were shared to create a seamless fit with the film's theme.

Brand Activation Experiential

Logistics and Installation:

For the installations, we tackled unique challenges in different locations. At Santa Monica Pier, our crew skillfully maneuvered two trucks to drive the massive shark directly onto the pier, where it was fully assembled. The second installation at Century City mall required an impressive crane operation to transport the Megalodon to the second-floor AMC area.

The Enthralling Reaction:

The step and repeat moment took center stage during the event, eliciting excitement and curiosity from attendees. The chance to jump inside the shark's mouth and playfully pretend to be "eaten alive" made for an unforgettable experience, garnering praise and attention.

A Showcase of Expertise: This project exemplifies the remarkable capabilities of our company in experiential fabrication and marketing. Our diverse skills in sculpting, painting, graphics, and carpentry came together to build a jaw-dropping 16ft shark head that wowed all.

Lessons Learned:

This awe-inspiring endeavor not only showcased our creativity and expertise but also taught us the importance of pushing creative boundaries and meeting tight deadlines with exceptional results.

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