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Behind the Scenes: Unveiling Asteroid City - An Interview with our Technical Designer

Step into the captivating world of Asteroid City, where creativity and technical brilliance

Mitchell Hattersley Experiential Scenic Fabrication Technical Drafter

intersect. Join us as we sit down with Mitchell Hattersley, the talented technical designer behind this immersive project. From concept to reality, Mitchell shares the journey of how he brought the vision of Asteroid City to life through his expertise in scenic design and fabrication.

As a technical designer for the Asteroid City project, Mitchell's role encompassed a diverse range of responsibilities. From researching the movie and necessary props to creating a 3D fabrication model, his attention to detail ensured the seamless execution of the set. Collaborating closely with designers and fabricators, Mitchell played a pivotal role in translating creative concepts into tangible elements. While working on the project, Mitchell encountered some unique challenges. Notably, the roof span of the houses

required unconventional solutions. With his team's ingenuity, they employed a stressed skin construction and reinforced it with steel tubing, achieving both structural integrity and authenticity. Mitchell's ability to collaborate and communicate effectively proved crucial in bringing the vision of Asteroid City to life. Working closely with the project manager and other stakeholders, he ensured that the technical drawings aligned perfectly with the client's requirements and expectations.

From the initial concept to the final client sign-off, Mitchell's expertise contributed to the success of the project. Seeing the end result of Asteroid City filled Mitchell with a sense of fulfillment. Witnessing the joy of both the client and the guests interacting with the experience reaffirmed the impact of his work. Throughout the project, he gained valuable insights and knowledge, which he aims to apply to future endeavors. As we wrap up our conversation with Mitchell, it's evident that his technical drafting skills played an indispensable role in bringing Asteroid City to life. From scenic fabrication to custom design, his passion for the craft shines through. We look forward to witnessing more remarkable projects and experiences crafted by the talented team at Object Construction. If you're looking to bring your next vision to life, let us help you.

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