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Elevating Brand Experiences: A Spotlight on Factory 360's Taco Bell Event

Take a peek behind the scenes as Object Construction collaborates with creative agency Factory 360 to present an extraordinary Taco Bell X Grub Hub event. Through meticulous scenic fabrication and Factory 360's innovative vision, guests were treated to an immersive brand activation that left a lasting impression. From a vibrant stage and live band performance to engaging freeze shacks and custom pallet seating, every element came together seamlessly to create an unforgettable experience.

The Dynamic Stage and Live Band

The event's beating heart was a dynamic stage that perfectly embodied Taco Bell's essence. Factory 360's creative vision took center stage, setting the backdrop for an electrifying live band performance that energized the entire event.

Immersive Freeze Shacks: A Cool Oasis

Object Construction's immersive freeze shacks offered more than just frosty delights. Branded in Taco Bell's iconic colors and adorned with custom graphics, these shacks provided an inviting spot for guests to chill and savor the moment.

Custom Pallet Seating: Where Comfort Meets Branding

Functional and creatively on point, Object Construction's custom pallet seating showcased Taco Bell's branding while ensuring the guests' comfort. Plush custom upholstered cushions invited guests to relax, mingle, and soak in the brand's atmosphere.

Innovative Truss Structure: Playful and Practical

The 10x20 truss structure, a brainchild of Object Construction, housed inflatable tubes that added both shade and playfulness to the event. It turned the space into a whimsical playground, creating cherished memories for all.

Captivating Custom Graphics: Uniting the Experience

Object Construction crafted all custom graphic prints for the event, seamlessly integrating Taco Bell's branding into the venue. From fencing graphics to stage banners, each element contributed to an immersive and cohesive brand environment.

The collaboration between Object Construction and Factory 360 brought the Taco Bell X Grub Hub event to life, leaving an indelible mark on attendees. From the electrifying stage and live band to the immersive freeze shacks, custom pallet seating, and innovative truss structure, every detail worked together harmoniously. The result? A brand activation that resonated deeply with guests, creating unforgettable connections and cherished memories. As we reflect on this remarkable project, we take pride in our role in elevating brand experiences and building lasting connections with audiences through exceptional scenic design.

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