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Rock 'n' Retail: The Rolling Stones Experiential Marketing Pop-Up Stores

Collaboration spells success in the experiential marketing realm. Our recent venture with Experiential Supply Co. for the Rolling Stones pop-up stores in New York and Los Angeles was no exception. Their direct approach meshed seamlessly with our knack for design and fabrication, orchestrating a retail experience that echoes the legendary vibes of the Rolling Stones.

Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from an existing flagship store in London, we aimed to craft unique experiences tailored for the LA and NYC landscapes. While Experiential Supply Co. orchestrated the client-side coordination, our team delved into the artistic and technical realms of bringing the project to life.

Sculpting an Icon: The journey from blocks of 4x8 EPS foam to the iconic tongue and lips logo was a blend of meticulous hand sculpting and modern finishing techniques. Post hard coat spray, an automotive-level finish in the classic Rolling Stones red brought the logo to life, showcasing our sculpting finesse.

Carpentry and Metal Work: Our carpentry wizards conjured custom cabinetry with integrated LED lighting, while the metal shop crafted custom clothes racks, adding a modern yet rustic feel to the store.

Installation: With two teams spearheading installations on both coasts, we ensured a consistent thematic ambiance. The local team in LA and a site-supervised team in NYC meticulously set up the stores, ready to welcome the swarm of Rolling Stones enthusiasts.

Immersive Experience: Every corner of the store was designed to immerse fans into the Rolling Stones realm, a testament to the harmonious collaboration with Experiential Supply Co., and the boundless possibilities of experiential marketing.

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